Daniel Beh

B. Sc. 2014, University of British Columbia Ph. D. Candidate

Dan is studying scandium and titanium complexes supported by a pentadentate ligand for small molecule activation and reactivity of anionic M=X bonds.


Matt Morgan

B. Sc. 2013, University of Calgary Ph. D. Candidate, NSERC (CGSD) Scholar

Matt is working on the synthesis of Boron-Nitrogen doped derivatives of antiaromatic conjugated hydrocarbons.


Joel Smith

B. Sc. (Hons.) 2011 Life Sciences & 2014 Chemistry, Queen’s University Ph. D. Candidate, NSERC-PGSD

Joel’s current research focuses on designing very electron-rich PCP pincer ligands that help late transition metals facilitate the activation of small molecules such as H2O, N2O, CO2 and H2


Lucie Nurdin

M. Sc. 2015, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris Ph. D. Candidate, Vanier and AITF Scholar

Lucie is working with some new pentadentate, dianionic ligands designed to stabilize high oxidation state metal complexes with reactive oxo and imido ligands thought to be important species in water oxidation and C-H bond activation processes.


Marissa Clapson

B. Sc. 2016, U Alberta Ph. D. Candidate, Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Research Scholarship and NOVA Chemicals Graduate Scholarship

Current research efforts are focused on the activation of small molecules using novel PCP cobalt carbene complexes. .


Evan Patrick

B. Sc. 2016, University of Calgary Ph. D. Candidate, NSERC (CGSM) and AITF Scholar

Evan is developing a new anionic borate based pentadentate ligand for small molecule transformation catalysis and stabilization of early transition metal oxo species.


Zack Dubrawski

B. Sc. 2017, Carleton University M. Sc. Candidate, CFREF HQP

Zack is making novel CO2 reduction electrocatalysts as part of the CFREF research initiative.


Laurie Donnelly

B. Sc. 2018, Memorial University M. Sc. Candidate

Laurie is working on the synthesis of ruthenium PCcarbeneP pincer complexes for small molecule catalysis.

Chris Almquist_Piers headshot.jpg

Chris Almquist

B. Sc. (Hons.) 2017, University of Calgary M. Sc. Candidate

Chris will join the group in September 2019; he is current a technician with Nova Chemicals.


Dr. Janina WillKomm

B.Sc. 2010 and M.Sc. Materials Chemistry and Nanochemistry 2012, Leibniz Universität Hannover; Ph. D. 2017, University of Cambridge Postdoctoral Researcher (CFREF)

Integration of molecular CO2 reduction catalysts with novel porous carbon materials as supports.


Dr. Samuel Hanson

B. Sc. Applied Chemistry, University of Uyo; M. Sc. Chemistry, U Sask.; Ph. D. Chemistry, U. New Brunswick Postdoctoral Researcher (CFREF)

Sam is developing new CNC ligand-derived molecular catalysts for CO2 electroreduction.


Sara Bouzidi

Undergraduate Chemistry 502 Student

Sara is developing a high oxidation state terminal nickel hydroxo complex of our dianionic tetrapodal pentadentate ligand for the purpose of small molecule activation.


Sabrina Scott

Undergraduate Chemistry 502 Student

Sabrina is developing reliable routes to synthesize molecular mixed metal oxides.